[-_-][-_-][-_-] (sparkiepop) wrote in galifianakis,

Zach warming up to watch "Ellen".

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What? Was Zach on Ellen recently? ...or at all? Or was he just apart of the audience?

I'm so out of the Galifianakis Loop.
No, he was just in the audience. His friend is a writer on the show and he wanted to go see a taping.
god i love him. <3
I second that.

The girl on his right's a babe. :D
oh god that made me laugh.

i think i have a crush on him.
so does paul rudd, did you ever read that interview where he says his wife thinks he is in love with zach ?
Jesus Christ. Impressive rack.

I'm sorry, what?
I didn't mean to smother your attention span!

I want to come visit you in Sept. Call me!
I must see this interview!

Q:Do you have any man-crushes?
A:I have so many! Like Zach Galifianakis. In fact, my wife always says that I have the biggest crush on him. He’s a comic who usually has this big beard, but he’s so freakin’ funny.

Q:Is he good-looking?
A:Not really. I like depth. Anyone can just jump in the sack with Colin Farrell, but you spend your life with Zach Galifianakis.

(For The Rest Of The Article) http://www.advocate.com/currentstory1_w_ektid41424.asp
i'm sorry but zach is good looking and has depth.
I don't think he was being uncomplimentary. Hollywood's "Good Looking" is a bit skewed anyway.
Why was I so horrified while watching that?
Oh god, I felt the same way.